Have Love, Will Travel

As I amp up for a trip across the pond, I can't shake that Sonics classic from my head.

I'm heading over to Brighton to speak at Vegfest UK, a bustling and bountiful gathering that hits several cities each year, filled with glorious vegan everything...a compassion-fest brimming with ideas that have become action, with lovely souls spinning straw dreams into golden reality, and spreading the beauty around like dandelion fuzz. I can-not wait!

And love has indeed been the motivator.

Love for the Earth and all her creatures,
love extended to fellow humans by way of sharing knowledge,
the love of my life who travels with me,
and our loves who guard the Lair while we are away.

So, meantime, back at The Inner Sanctum, I prepare...

Oh, so many vegan-chic getups to choose from! And so little room in my valise...

Whoever said shoes had to be leather to be sexy?

And speaking of sexy...

Sheer and lacy secrets have their own special vintage travel case!

And now, I am on my way.

I'll be home soon, with tales of many adventures, ready to delve horns-first into some very intense book-writing, and figuring out a shoot schedule for a new season of LUNA VITA. You know me, I'd wayyyy rather skip the sitting down in front of the laptop for hours on end in favor of some electrically charged on-camera time, but, sometimes a gal has to hunker down and...*heaving sigh*...get focused.

(And, as you know, the thought of too much seriousness makes me slightly cranky, so I'm going back into my candy-coloured closet to play for a while longer.)

So I bid you adieu, just for now,

with a peachy ripe kiss,

and a few saucy tips

for when your own wild heart takes you places...

xxx Alise

Meet Me At The Penthouse

I am obsessed with vintage men's magazines.

Dig the shoes!

Dig the shoes!

When I was little, my ultimate career goal was to be a Playboy Bunny. Specifically a 1960's or 70's Bunny, like the ones I saw depicted as a child. (Other vocational possibilities included becoming a Charlie's Angel, or Wonder Woman.)

How cool is she?

How cool is she?

It all became muti-dimensional when I was very little, and my grandparents (!) once took me to the Playboy Club. I'm not sure why they thought it was a good idea to bring me there, exactly. I do recall a ginger ale with a cherry tasting seriously grown up, and...there they were: Bunnies! All dolled up in candy-colored satin, with big hair and eyelashes, and looking like glamour on fire. They made my beloved Barbies look like rubes.

But, by the time I was old enough to fill out the satin costumes, it wasn't the same. First of all, I was all out of time. My fave eras were long gone, even when I was little and dreaming. And the Playboy Club was gone. And by then I'd had a pretty good idea that those sparkling angels had to deal with their share of creeps, in the form of both customers and higher-ups.

And Bunnies had changed. Still amazing, but really so far from my dreamy girlish plans. Now there were few natural bodies, and even fewer qualities that made the ladies stand apart from one another.

Part of my love for that era was not only the glamour, but how naturally beautiful, and different the women were. Bodies had flesh, breasts were natural, and faces were unique.

I remained under the spell of days gone by. I still can't shake them.

Browsing Netflix, I discovered the most amazing show: Playboy's Penthouse, which ran on a local station in Chicago at the (cotton) tail end of the 1950's when it was the home of Hef and the magazine. This show is unbelievable! Set in a swingin' bachelor penthouse, the likes of Ella Fitzgerald and Sammy Davis, Jr. would just happen to show up at this awesome cocktail lounge party and just casually start to sing. What?! Get out!


It all went down in this swoon-worthy lair.

The magic happened here between 1959-1961, then moved to L.A. and became Playboy After Dark until 1970. 


Many moons later, when I was first dating my fella, he remarked that I looked like a "playmate from the 70's"...I was FLOORED.  Really? Does he know? Oooh-ooh! This one's a keeper...

So in honour of my beloved Bunnies, here's a special juice cocktail just for you, my Darlings.

The Bunny Shake

  • 3 fresh organic carrots or 1 C organic unsweetened carrot juice
  • 3/4 C unsweetened almond milk
  • 1 tsp garam masala
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • 1 pinch cloves
  • 1-2 droppers vanilla liquid stevia, or to taste
  • Pure water

Chop carrots, leaving peels on, into small-ish pieces. Add all ingredients, except water, to your high speed blender. Blend on high speed until everything gets super creamy and blended. If your blender is a little sluggish, you can either stain the mixture or use the carrot juice instead of the fresh carrots. Add water as you like to thin the consistency. Pour into your fave cocktail glasses...and, cheers!

To swingin' sex bombs, glamour, and great health!

xxx Alise

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