Blessed Solstice

Greetings, Beloved Beasties,

from the Emerald Forest...

Where an Elvish Queen nestles beneath the mossy blankets,

not yet sprinkled with snow,

to nurture ideas,

not yet entirely formed,

and drink in all the knowledge of the Stars,

for she is very thirsty...

They will be yours before long.

She has much to give.


All My Heart,



Friday's Child: The Return Of The Welsh Witch

After 16 hours of travel,

I am so happy to be in the loving arms of this mystical land...

We arrived, weary. 

But an elusive Welsh Sun was bright,

and beckoned.

The old magicks called,

and we rushed to answer.

The River Usk.

The River Usk.

The river sparkling with faerie dust,

that carried songs,

guiding us...

To the ancient oaks, 

wise and twisted,

reached out,

whispering truths...


to land on the meadow,

and say hello to The Littlest Hedgehog,

who softly told his tale,

Farther down,

we came upon a curious

and breathtaking sight:

Prehistoric birds

protruding from a most astounding tree.


"Come closer," they said.

And so,

we did.

Slowly making our way around the tree, 

a cave thicket of sinewy branches made themselves known.

An invitation.

My initial, welcoming.

My initial, welcoming.

Inside was a world of magick.

I was in the most exquisite womb,

being nourished at the deepest soul level...

For how long, I cannot say.

Until I looked up,

to see a doorway,

through which I crawled.

And awaiting me on the other side,

the full mystery of the Tree revealed itself:


So many, I couldn't count them all.

They emerged as branches,


whispering to me

in a foreign tongue I somehow recognized,

Layered hisses,

sharing ancient wisdom...

My eyes were wet with joy,

and I couldn't stop smiling,

I wrapped my arms around the neck of the Elder,

lay my head upon his,

and promised to return.

My Serpent guide. I took many photos of the Snake Tree, but they asked me to keep them hidden.

My Serpent guide. I took many photos of the Snake Tree, but they asked me to keep them hidden.

I brought my grandmother's tiny ruby ring with me, intending to leave it in the wild,

but the moment came and her ring had disappeared.

Strange, as it had popped up in front of me before I left so many times,

asking to be brought along.

Perhaps she wishes to stay with me a while longer.

But her totem was a Butterfly.

And as we left the sacred tree,

she appeared.

Hello, beauty.

Hello, beauty.

We landed here, ostensibly, 

for a festival,

but there was so much more.

And it was beautiful.

And the boys played brilliantly, as always.

(You can see some of the photos here.)

The Green Man was breathtaking,

beguiling in his detail...

People came from all over the world to write down their wishes,

placing them inside him,

to be released on the last night,

as the Green Man burned.

I whispered mine to him.

He has a good ear.

I'll never forget those moments in the forest,

especially those in the dark hours before dawn

wandering down the stone path,


with only the light of a waning Moon

and the sound of the water

to guide us,

and the love in our hearts,

alive and listening

to the wisest of spirits...

"Fy nhgariad."

"Fy nhgariad."

It's time for some Welsh Cakes, no?

Fi cariead i chi!

xxx Alise