Luna Cucina: Eclipses

My Loves, 

take a deep, luscious breath.


That's it...

I want you to feel centered, grounded and strong, because, as it turns out, beloved April, my birth month, is rumored to be quite the cosmic shitstorm. We have two eclipses coming which are always a trip, but add in a planetary grand cardinal cross, and hell-low rollercoaster!

Rollercoaster #1,   Scott Irvine

Rollercoaster #1, Scott Irvine

Eclipses always fall on a new moon or full moon, and they always come in pairs, two weeks apart. In April, these are some serious moons: challenging, hell yeah, but also ripe with opportunities. The first eclipse, on April 15, will be a full moon, ending or culminating a situation or relationship; and the second eclipse, on April 28, is a new moon, setting up a long-term trend. 

What makes these particular eclipses so freaky is that they each happen during the configuration of a grand cardinal cross.  (A grand cross consists of planets at four equal points of the zodiac, perfectly balanced, all pointing toward the center target: Earth. Each of these planets has massive strength, and no one is budging an inch.)

So, it makes sense then that the cardinal signs of Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn will feel these eclipses the most, however, everyone of every sign will notice the effects to varying degrees, as we all have these cardinal signs popping up somewhere in our charts. (We are complex creatures, after all.)

This cardinal cross, my Doves, will create a rapid, often unexpected change to present conditions, requiring a strong adjustment to situations that are already moving at warp speed. Classically, the mission of an eclipse is to bring what's hidden into the light, and at the same time, clear away anything in your life that's past it's shelf life. Often, we think that the almond milk, say, is still fresh, and can't understand why it's being tossed.  But, you gotta trust in the stars: the cosmos have you covered, even if you can't see it just yet.


now let's get down to business.

We're going to need to call in some reinforcements.

Cacao Love Cakes

  • 2 C raw unsalted cashews
  • 1-1/2 C organic dates
  • 3 Tbsp raw cacao powder (Sacred Chocolate is the best!)
  • 1/4 pure maple syrup
  • 2 droppers liquid vanilla stevia
  • 1 tsp organic cinnamon
  • Raw, organic shredded coconut

Pour the cashews into a food processor or high-speed blender and blast until they're ground. Then add in the chopped dates, cacao, cinnamon, and stevia. Blend it all together until the mixture gets sticky and forms like dough, but keep the dates a little chunky...they're really good that way! Sprinkle a rectangular brownie pan with the coconut just to cover the bottom...maybe 1/2 cup? Now spread the dough onto the pan with your fingers and press it down firmly and evenly. Sprinkle more coconut-as much as you like-on top, and press it down. If you don't love coconut (what?! ) you can use cacao powder or cinnamon instead. You can also omit the maple syrup with no taste worries whatsoever. I just like the depth it adds to the chocolate.

Cover your gorgeous creation with plastic wrap or a cloth napkin, and freeze it for two hours. Now you can slice it into little cakes, remove them with a spatula, and EAT THEM! They keep well in the fridge for about five days, or you can freeze them. YUM! Raw, vegan, super-healthy, rich, crazy-delicious nibbles for whenever, wherever you need a few moments of calm in the storm. Sink your teeth in and smile...

So, as we saunter into this lovely April, so full of birds and new buds, don't get caught up in fear. Fear is a bullshit phantom. Arm yourself instead with Goddess weapons: take excellent care of yourself, be ultra-kind to everyone (remember they're feeling it too, big-time), rest, stay centered. 

And check out your individual forecast for free here. You'll need your natal information handy: Date, time of birth, and city you were born in. Click on the "free horoscopes" link, then take a look at the Forecast by Robert Hand

Another great resource is a show called The Eleventh House with Robert Phoenix. This guy is awesome. You can get a free 10-day trial membership to GaiamTV, click on the episodes for both your Sun and Moon signs, and still have plenty of time to check out a ton of other cool shows the network offers.

I love you all so much!

We can navigate these waters. 

We've done this before. 

xxx Alise