The Cauldron Stirs

Some of us live for this.

So easy to breathe its name,
for the very word conjures up leaves of amber and ruby.
Crisp air. 
Fragrant herbs. 
Foxy coats and boots. 
And of course, the national orgasm that is pumpkin spice.

But then,
there are those of us that conjure something else entirely...

Moon Flowers 2.jpg

As the veil between the worlds becomes thinner, spells are cast. Rituals heighten. The Season of the Witch is fleeting, but potent. 

You, my darling Beasties, can join the party with a simple Kitchen Witch concoction that will strengthen you for the coming seasonal shifts, both in body and in spirit.

Let's get the fires burning and the cauldron bubbling, shall we?

Autumn Soup-2.jpg

I've brewed a most bewitching recipe for you: one so simple, you would swear on your Bastet statue that it had appeared out of thin air...

Autumn Spirit Soup

*please use all organic ingredients

  • 3 sweet potatoes
  • 3 carrots
  • 1 small apple (Pink Lady, Honeycrisp, and other cidery apples work best)
  • 1/2 lemon
  • 3 small cloves garlic
  • 1 tsp cumin
  • extra virgin olive oil, first cold pressing if possible
  • pure water
  • Celtic salt
  • fresh ground pepper

First, chop your garlic. Turn your flame on low, and in a large pot swirl a bit of olive oil. Allow it to heat - it's ready when you place your hand above the pot, and can feel the warmth. Now toss in your garlic, and let it cook gently until it just turns translucent, releasing it's sensual aroma. While it gets going, chop your vegetables and apple. When the garlic is ready, toss them in, and give it a good stir to coat everything. Let them all mingle a bit, then pour in just enough water to cover everything.

Bring the cauldron to a boil, then lower the flame and simmer until everything is tender. Put out the fire and allow the soup to cool. Ladle into a high speed blender, and blend until smooth and creamy. Pour the mixture back into the pot, add the lemon, cumin, salt and pepper to taste. You're done!

As you are concocting, visualize you and whomever you are serving the soup to as very strong and healthy, full of vitality and energy to meet the season. Really feel it. Guiding you here are some very powerful friends. Carrots are loaded with intense amounts of vitamin A, which builds cells and strengthens your immune system. They are also full of disease fighting antioxidants, and, magickally speaking, create desire for sexual contact. They are ruled by fire, and thus can ignite your inner fires, particularly in the boudoir.  (I am picturing all my readers frantically going out to buy carrots, crunching them madly on the way home!)

Sweet potato is ruled by Venus, and you know what that means. Yes, my Darlings, more sex. And love!  These frisky tubers also give us plenty more vitamin A, a shot of vitamin C, lots of B vitamins, fiber, and beautifying minerals, for more vibrant health on the inside, and glowing radiance on the outside. 

Our goddess of love also rules the apple, long entwined with divinity throughout the ages. Apples are also very high in antioxidants, vitamin C, B vitamins and minerals, making them nutritional powerhouses as well as beauty food and high-vibration magickal friends. The smell of fresh apples alone was believed to boost low physical strength as well as ensure longevity. 

Lunar lemon provides another burst of vitamin C, as well as lending detoxifying properties to the mix. Lemon is associated with love, happiness, and purification, and was traditionally used to bring light indoors during the darker months. Fiery garlic gives protection and good health, and is loaded with natural immune boosters. Celtic salt not only detoxifies, but also contains all 92 beneficial live elements found in seawater. (Confused about salt? Read more here.) Peaceful cumin was believed to be favored by the Egyptian gods, and was offered in massive quantities to ensure happiness. And last, but never least, lovely black pepper purifies and protects. 

All in all, a most delicious way to fortify your body, ignite your love life, and look gorgeous while doing so!

To your health, Beasties.

As for me,
I've got many more spells to cast...

xxx Alise







Midsummer Night's Scene

Oh! These glorious, balmy eves

illuminated by firefly light

and pearlescent moonglow

sheer exuberance in the air

and lusty, languid stars

bathing you in their sorcery...

Yes, Summer Solstice has passed, but, really,

as far as I can see,

it's Midsummer until it's Autumn.

And there is simply no need to end the sensual revelry. 

Besides, who doesn't love a sparkly bit of brew to deepen the mood,

already so lovely and lush, so deeply divine?

My Midsummer gift to you, dear Beasties, lies within the plants...

Clockwise from left: Strawberry Starlight, Orange Sky, Venus Rising.

Clockwise from left: Strawberry Starlight, Orange Sky, Venus Rising.

You guessed it.

Succulent cocktails derived from fresh herbs, voluptuous fruits, and delicate blossoms, with finely tuned magick in each sip. Beautifying and delicious, they can be enjoyed with or without alchohol, and are delectable either way!

Brew the tea the night before, using fresh herbs. Speak softly to them, gently coaxing their energies into your brew. Blend the strained tea with the fruit, and you can keep a beautiful glass vessel of it in your refrigerator. Add the spirits when you pour - a half-and-half ratio works well, but design it as you please. Garnish thoughtfully. Enjoy. And always remember to say thank you.

*Use organic or wild ingredients, fresh wherever possible, and dried when necessary.*

Strawberry Starlight

  • Basil tea - 5 large organic leaves in 1 C spring water
  • 3 strawberries
  • 1 fresh basil leaf (optional, if you want the basil stronger)
  • dry white wine

The purrfect Venus-Mars alignment! Sacred to Freya, love-infused strawberries are ruled by Venus and water. Basil is also a love plant, but ruled by fiery Mars. Together, they make a lusty connection with a bit of protective energy tossed in. And, though we always associate wine with Bacchus/Dionysus, the earliest wine deities were actually female. In ancient Mesopotamia, twelve vases per day of were offered to Ishtar! White wine is also lunar sip this delightful drink beneath her white light. 

Orange Sky

  • Mint tea - 6 organic leaves in 1 C spring water
  • 1/2 organic orange
  • juice of 2 lemon wedges
  • shot of gin

Oooh! This one is frisky! The citrus fruits are a well-balanced blend of both solar and lunar energies, making it an ideal afternoon libation also. Wild and fiery orange is ruled by the Sun, and though it possesses purification powers, it is actually known as a love stimulator. Mmmm! Lively lunar lemon brings love and happiness to the wise beholder, and with the sexual prowess of mint joining the get the picture.
Gin can be substituted for vodka here, but it won't have the same effect. Gin is derived form juniper berries, and was traditionally used as herbal medicine . A protective plant, juniper offers stamina, good health and love...*wink*

Venus Rising

  • Rose tea - 1 Tbsp rose petals (fresh or dried), 1 tsp rose hips, 1 C spring water
  • 1-2 tbsp rosewater
  • 1 tsp pomegranate concentrate
  • champagne

I couldn't possibly go through a sultry Summer without this one, and neither should you. Rose, ruled by Venus herself, has been regarded as primary medicine, a powerful symbol of strength, and a supreme beautifier for ages. It is a flower of love and happiness, and heightens psychic awareness. Rose should be consumed, used topically, inhaled, gazed upon, and adored.  
Pomegranate is a lucky fruit. It's a Mercury-fire powerhouse which brings forth creativity, money, and...fertility. So, yes, be careful, but I always see fertility from the artistic perspective. Literally, the ability to give new life. Just direct the energies where you want them. Oh, and add as much as you like for sweetening.
The champagne? Well, champagne is like drinking stars! 

Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 8.51.39 AM.png


Summer passes by too quickly, my Loves.

Join me for a cocktail?

I'll be beneath the night sky...

xxx Alise




Blossom Lady

As days grow brighter,

and gentle rains rouse the verdant spirits

from their dreamtime adventures,

we prepare, Wild Ones, to make those dreams real.

Out we pop from our buds!

stretching in langor toward the Sun,

the sweet scented moss 

tickling our noses,

guided by birdsong...

Doesn't Spring, somehow, always feel like the first time?

Now, of course, an Elven Queen would be fairly famished after a long Winter's rest.

A bright-eyed forage through the untamed forest and her surrounding fields could offer a delightful array of beautiful plant gifts!

But let's get one thing straight: those of you know me are aware of my eye-rolling tendencies towards the "seasonal cleanse."

Is Spring a time of renewal? Of course.  

But the body actually operates on a detox cycle, followed by a nutritive cycle, on a daily basis.

Do you clean your house four times per year? Of course not.

Then why, oh why, would you clean your soul's temple so infrequently?

I've prepared for you, my beautiful hatchlings,

a nibble that not only cleanses, but feeds.

Making your body strong,

your skin and hair vibrant,

your mind clear and ready.

Everything comes alive.

Everything awakens.

For nature is the ultimate Femme Vitale...

Spring Faerie Salad

Serves One
*all ingredients must be organic or wild grown

9 leaves of fresh dandelion
1 C  baby spinach
1/4 C grated carrot
1/2 C sprouts/microgreens (I love a blend: radish, alfalfa, sunflower, etc.)
1/4 C sunflower seeds
1/4 C nettle leaf
Raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar
Cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil
Celtic sea salt/fresh ground black pepper (know in certain circles as The Pinch-n-Grind)

Begin, my Loves, by grating several carrots. The easiest way? Give them a rough chop, then pulse in the food processor. Then you have some for the next few days. (You're welcome.)
Next, pull the dandelion leaves from their stalks, and tear gently with your fingers. Add in the spinach and carrots, and top with sprouts to form a gorgeous nest. Sprinkle with sunflower seeds and nettle leaf. Give it a light drizzle of the oil and cider vinegar, a pinch of Celtic salt, a grind of pepper, and you're there!

Dandelion is a bitter green, designed to detoxify the body by cleansing the liver, kidneys, and the blood. It also encourages fat metabolism and stabilizes blood sugar, while supplying the body with calcium, zinc, potassium, vitamins A, B, C, & D. A total powerhouse! Magickally, as with all greens, it is consumed to attract money, which just might come in handy as you get your dreams off the ground. *wink* 
We''re using eight leaves to symbolize personal power, for this potent dark green goodness also assists in making wishes come true...

Sprouts and microgreens are part of this magickal mélange to symbolize new life force emerging, and for their tremendous nutritional value. Carrots are filled with vitamin A, amongst other major nutrients, which keeps the signs of aging and stress off your face, helping to keep skin preternaturally young. Oh, and they're all about sex. Spring fever, anyone?

Sunflower seeds are amazing little health bites, so full of crucial minerals and vitamin E, to keep you beautiful inside and out...with a magickal boost to ensure success. Whatever you're conjuring, know you've got plant power on your side!

And what might this mysterious little faerie boat be carrying?


Why, it's nettle! 

Long used as a protective herb, fiery nettle also gives passion a push in the right direction. Love it already? Here's more: nettle is an immune-boosting, anti-inflammatory wonder that supports kidney and bone health. Beauty-wise, our brilliant plant friend promotes hair growth and flawless skin, particularly effective in treating acne, psoriasis, and eczema. It's also a renowned female tonic (just use it with caution, or not at all, if you are pregnant.)

Allright, my succulents,

revel in this Spring energy!

All my love,

xxx Alise



Blessed Solstice

Greetings, Beloved Beasties,

from the Emerald Forest...

Where an Elvish Queen nestles beneath the mossy blankets,

not yet sprinkled with snow,

to nurture ideas,

not yet entirely formed,

and drink in all the knowledge of the Stars,

for she is very thirsty...

They will be yours before long.

She has much to give.


All My Heart,



The Autumnal Fairy's Guide To Fall Beauty

The Autumnal Fairy has returned,

just as she always does this time of year,

after flittering about the globe

in a flurry of sparkly lights,

orange and black striped stockings,

with her corset full of leaves,

in search of the most magical finds of the season!

The Autumnal Fairy's Faves:

When you're bathing, quite literally, in a forest stream, you want to cleanse your gorgeous body with something gentle and, of course be very kind to your outdoor home. What to do? Indulge in Acure Organics Pumpkin + Calendula Soap. There's this whole amazing new soap line from them that are cold pressed, argan oil based, certified organic, and absolute silk on your skin! If you've avoided soaps because they are drying, you've gotta check these out: Unlike traditionally milled soaps which are heated then poured into molds to cool quickly, causing them to harden fast which depletes moisture (then salt gets added to further dry them out!), these are cold pressed and dried over a 6-week period to preserve complete and potent lipids, and healthy fatty acids to be retained. Your skin will adore you! They come in six mouth watering scents and last quite a long time...get on this!

With the weather changing and drier air moving in, the mane needs an infusion of lush. Switch from a lighter potion to Acure Organics Moroccan Argan Oil + Argan Stem Cell Conditioner. Hair just drinks this in, from it's heavenly buttered almond scent to its lustrous sheen, leaving tresses glossy, manageable, and seriously prepared for a seasonal shift.

For delicate hands that cast sensuous spells... No Miss One Coat Nail Polish. For the tiny price tag, they are a animal-friendly, free-of-nasty-chemicals steal.  With over 100 delirious colors to choose from, this season's standouts are surely Georgetown Ginger, Punta Gorda Pecan, and Tamarac Tangerine.

Because autumn kisses are sweet and spicy, Vapour Organics Siren Lipstick luscious lipsticks are so necessary. They contain rose buds, camilla oil, myrrh, lemon balm, pomegranate, and jojoba oil, and the colors are drop dead gorgeous. Fall faves? The rich, bitten berry of Knockout, the chocolatey deliciousness of Dare, and, Tempest, a deep burnt Autumn orange described as "feisty!"

Above all, a Faerie loves glitter! It comes naturally, of course, from a clean, plant-based diet and lots of positive vibrations, but even mystical mamas want some extra cosmic sparkle...thank the stars for Orglamix, a vegan mineral makeup line with so many stunning glitters to chose from your wings will be all aflutter trying to decide! They have dazzling shades you can layer on top of their gorgeous shadows, to lips, body...anywhere...

And do pick up their Black Magic Shadow for some serious Samhain smolder...

Once inside your tree-cottage, you'll want to stock up on all your Kitchen Witch essentials, for bountiful harvest goodies, cozy suppers, and bewitching brews. Bookmark it, and the Guide To Choosing Purrfect Produce to have on hand at the market. We have soooo many amazing things to conjure up together!

And...don't even think of heading into a season change before first arming yourself with Contessa's Protective Blend, the best guard against sniffles, viruses, and general ickyness, both internally and as a topical antimicrobial potion.

Be well, my Fireflies...

Get out there and spread that sparkle everywhere,

because you are so very beautiful.

xxx Alise

P.S. Don't forget to stock up on Bitches Brew Tea and Bitches Blend Oil for the season!

How To Choose Purrfect Produce: Fall


A new season of Earthy delights is upon us, Delectable Ones.

Follow me as I forage the fields and the trees 

for the most delectable and devilishly Autumnal treats...


Much of this edible poetry is available year-round, however, the cooler air produces sweeter, less bitter, tastier versions, so indulge!

  • ARTICHOKES - Fall produces a smaller, second go round on these delicacies. Squeeze the leaves! They will give a little squeak when super-fresh!
  • ARUGULA - Choose firm, bright leaves, no yellowing or spots. The larger leaves are more peppery tasting.
  • BEETS - Look for fresh, firm veggies with bright greens attached. You can cook the greens too!
  • BELGIAN ENDIVE - These are mostly forced to grow in artificial conditions, but fall is their natural harvest time.
  • BROCCOLI - Select one that is dark green with stiff stalks and tight florets. Any signs of yellowing, a rubbery feel, or white stems means you should skip it.
  • BRUSSELS SPROUTS - When you see these on the stalk, grab them! They last much longer than the cut ones do.
  • CABBAGE - Make sure the head is tight and compact, with good color and no wilting.
  • CARROTS - Look for ones that are firm and bright. No wilting or sprouting, please. A dark coloring at the top indicates that they are old.
  • CELERIAC - You want smooth skin and as few ridges as possible.
  • CELERY - Grab those straight, rigid stalks. Ahem. Steer clear of the limp ones.
  • CHARD - Choose dark green leaves with bright stems, avoiding dried or browning ones.
  • CHICORIES - Look for a creamy white color, with pale yellow tips.
  • EGGPLANT (AUBERGINES) - The skin should be smooth and shiny, and they should be a bit heavy for their size, with no tan patches.
  • ESCAROLE - Choose fresh, bright greens with no wilting or browning.
  • FENNEL - Look for a very white bulb. The smaller ones roast best if you are cooking them, and the leaves can be used for flavoring or tea!
  • GARLIC - Grab the ones with clean bulbs in a uniform color. Beware brown areas.
  • GREEN BEANS - You need bright, plump beans that snap. No limp ones.
  • HERBS - Thyme, Rosemary, and Sage are all in peak season right now-grab them!
  • HORSERADISH - Pick firm roots with fresh-looking cut ends. Avoid softness. 
  • JERUSALEM ARTICHOKES - Choose clean looking tubers with minimal bumps, no sprouting or soft spots.
  • KALE - Look for deep green leaves that are springy and don’t show signs of wilting or discoloring, plus a stem that isn’t dry. Remember: The smaller the leaves, the more mild the flavor.
  • LEMONGRASS - Fresh-looking, fragrant stalks with tight bulbs. The tips may be slightly dry, which is ok.
  • LETTUCE - As always, choose healthy, vibrant leaves!
  • MUSHROOMS (WILD) - Look for a smooth texture, dry but not dried out. 
  • OKRA - Pick ones that are firm and smooth...and fuzzy!
  • PARSNIPS - Fresh, firm veggies with bright greens attached, please!
  • PEPPERS - Buy naturally shiny, unwrinkled, firm, and blemish free, regardless of color.
  • POTATOES - Look for smooth ones, with few eyes and no blemishes (they can be toxic.) And no green patches or sprouting.
  • PUMPKINS - Small "pie pumpkins" are most delish when they still have 1-2 inches of healthy stem attached. Avoid blemishes and soft spots, but lopsided is fine!
  • RADICCHIO - Actually a chicory, the leaves should be unblemished, but the cut end can be browning slightly.
  • RADISHES - Take home smooth, bright ones with green tops. Avoid black spots, brown or white scars, and yellow or limp tops.
  • RAPINI (BROCCOLI RAABE) - Pick firm ones with thin stems and small florets, and no visible flowers.
  • RUTABEGAS - Look for firm, smaller ones, with a purple cast to the skin. Scratch the flesh. It should be yellow beneath.
  • SPINACH - Pick deep or bright green, unwilted leaves.
  • SWEET POTATOES - Grab the firm ones with no sign of decay. If baking, a uniform shape will ensure even cooking.
  • TOMATILLOS - The husks should been green! If the husk is papery or dry, the tomatillo is past it's prime.
  • TURNIPS - Select smaller to average sized ones, as the larger are woody. Baby turnips are super sweet, but don't yet have the purple color.
  • WINTER SQUASH/ZUCCHINI - Look for ones that are heavy and solid, without soft spots, have matte skin, and still has a stem.


  • APPLES - Look for one that is not only firm, but has naturally shiny and bright skin. No waxiness!
  • CRANBERRIES - Choose firm, shiny, plump shriveling!
  • FIGS - They should be soft, not mushy, but never hard. Check for a firm stem, as wigglyness is a sign of mushyness. Steer clear of any white fuzzy mold.
  • GRAPES - Green ones should have a slightly translucent, yellowish tone, and a frosty "bloom." Red and black ones should have a rich tone. All should be plump, with no leaking or wiggly stems.
  • PEARS - Choose fruits with smooth skin, and are free of bruises. I personally prefer ones that give when you squeeze them, otherwise they take forever to ripen.
  • QUINCES - Pick ones that are firm and relatively smooth, free of bruises or blemishes.
  • PERSIMMONS - Take home the glossy, firm, plump ones that still have their leaf attached.
  • POMEGRANATES - Select ones that are round, plump, and heavy for their size.

And don't forget all the sumptuous Autumn flowers! Chrysanthemums, in every stunning shade, are highly protective, magickal blooms. Besides planting them in the ground, I like to wrap small bouquets with twine or ribbon, and hang them in each window. I also love to adorn a chandelier or curvy lamp base with them when they are fresh and bendy...eventually they will dry beautifully, and stay with your for many, many months to come. 

Happy harvesting, Tasty Ones!

Love bites to you,

all through the year...

xxx Alise

Bitches Brew

Announcing the first in a line of magical brews and potions,

from my altar to yours,

and I am so excited to share them with you,

my beautiful friends!

Opening the secret door,

this power couple awaits...

Bitches Brew 4oz loose tea & Bitches Blend oil.

Bitches Brew 4oz loose tea & Bitches Blend oil.

Bitches Brew is a take-no-prisoners loose blend of organic herbs and roots, berries and flowers, formulated specifically for your lunar cycle: overpowering cramps, mood swings, bloating, and general stress with Bad Girl know-how. Combining both ancient Ayuervedic and European folkloric ingredients with a hearty dash of Vixen magic, this tea is gorgeous to smell, to sip, and to be near.

She arrives in a 4oz sexy black tin...can you handle her?

What's in the beguiling bottle, you ask? None other than Bitches Blend, a sensual, soothing oil for both massaging and anoiting. Use it directly on your painful areas when monthly duress arises, in your bath, and as a magic oil for rituals of releasing, letting go, shaking off what needs to be set free...

Receive her in a  1.5oz. Egyptian hand blown colored glass bottle. 

Created by hand in small batches during appropriate lunar cycles, all Alise In Wonderland potions and brews are organic, cruelty-free, vegan, and of the highest quality.

Visit them both in my Etsy shop!

(For more tips on how to navigate your own lunar cycle click here.)

Still reveling in a Solstice whirl...

I love you.

xxx Alise


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A Lover's Bath

Anadyomene Aphrodite...

From the old Greek,

"She rises."

The goddess of love, beauty, and sexual rapture

whispered this potion to me,

many Full Moons ago...

I offer it to you, my delectable Darlings.

Gather all the ingredients. Arrange them on a gilded tray, in precious bowls. Use a pitcher for the coconut milk if you have one. Light candles. Run a very warm bath.

Add these ingredients one at a time, enchanting your wishes to her, and all she embodies.

Infuse the water with beautiful, lusty intentions.

Get ready to luxuriate in this most exquisite immersion. Your own little Sea. 

Perfect for You alone,

or to share with a Lover, 

this Ritual...


Aphrodisia Bath

  • 2-3 containers of full-fat, unsweetened coconut milk
  • 1 C rosewater
  • 2 Tbsp pure vanilla 
  • 1/2 C Mediterreanean sea salt
  • 1 C hibiscus flowers
  • 12 drops rose absolute
  • 6 drops cardamom essential oil


Indeed, She rises.

Happy Venus' Day, my valentines.

After all, who do you think sent Cupid out in the first place?


xxx Alise