Girl Time

Don't get me wrong, I am crazy about my man.

Absolutely crazy about him.

But there are those rare evenings,

and occasionally an afternoon,

where something wildly exciting happens.

I have the apartment all to myself. 

Girl time.


The door clicks closed. The lock turns.

Boots disappear down the stairs...

It usually takes a moment to sink in.

And then a little shimmy of excitement.

Remember the Sex And The City episode about "secret single behavior?"

It's kinda like that. You do things you wouldn't necessarily want your lover to see.

Nothing terrible, but possibly mildly embarrassing. 

Or at the very least, not exactly alluring.

The ritual unfolds like this: 

Post-Shimmy, I change immediately into my lounging-alone uniform, 

a velvet caftan from Morocco. 

It has many, many patterns and colors going on, and is torn in too many places to count. 

I love it.

Next, I slide my feet into my beloved Turkish slippers, which are literally falling apart at the seams.

Originally they had little pom poms at the toes and gold brocade trim, 

but over time my darling felines saw to it that they became, well…simpler.

"Say  nothing  of the slippers, got it?"

"Say nothing of the slippers, got it?"

I pile my hair on top of my head sloppily in an enormous confection, 

secured by a clip with giant teeth that I would never be seen in public wearing.

 ("A scrunnnnchyyy????," Carrie asks. No, no that bad. But almost.)

Head toward the kitchen.

A beautiful glass is selected, and it must be decided what spirit moves me. 


A giddy glass of bubbly? A lusty, earthy, Spanish red? or perhaps a floral white, infused with fruit?

Bubbly it is.

Now for the soundtrack.

Stones…Stooges…Runaways? Gainsbourg. Hmmm…maybe some vintage burlesque…

Whatever it is, it's LOUD.

And so, the Fun Feline Free For All begins:

Try out hairdos. This includes wigs.

If there is a Season Three, I am  so  going to be Miss Fisher's evil sister...

If there is a Season Three, I am so going to be Miss Fisher's evil sister...

Forage in the closet for foxy new combinations…

She has her opinions.

She has her opinions.

I sit on the floor surrounded by treasure boxes filled with accessories that I've forgotten about, 

and play until my heart's content.

When I've exhausted this particular reverie, and am dizzy with dress-up euphoria, I leave everything in a heap. 

It's spa time.

Face masques, deep conditioners, nails and toes lacquered...

While everything dries and/or works its magic, I burrow into the fuzzy sofa for another bubbly and some light viewing.

No heavy foreign films or documentaries tonight. 

I'm in for total candy-colored confections.

I highly recommend "The Swinger," with Ann-Margaret.

Annie  knows  how to accessorize.

Annie knows how to accessorize.

Did I mention there was ice cream?

Yes, kittens.

You can whip this up in FIVE minutes.

Kitten With A Whip Ice Cream

  • 2 frozen bananas (sliced and frozen ahead of time)
  • 2 Tbsp organic cacao powder
  • 1 tsp organic vanilla extract
  • 1 1/2 Tbsp organic cinnamon
  • 1-2 droppers liquid stevia

Pulse it all in a food processor until it's creamy, and resembles soft serve ice cream.

It's di-vine!

You can play with this recipe. It is decidedly banana-y, so if you don't love the flavor of bananas, (which are necessary for the right texture here), use only 1, and substitute a cup of frozen fruit with a stronger flavor that pairs well with the cacao, like cherries.

My fella comes in to find me sleepy and silly. He knows I've been up to something entirely foreign to his species.

I've had SO much fun!

Thanks for playing...

Tell me, what are your fave Secret Girl-Time Rituals? 

I'm seriously loving it already.




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