Badass Babes And What They Wore

It's mid-February in the mountains of upstate New York.

yes, its pretty, but...

yes, its pretty, but...

I don't wanna talk about the weather anymore.

Don't give me snowfall amounts,

or negative zero temperatures,

and don't make me feel gray.

Let's play a game instead.

I daydream,

and I only want to know one thing:

(drumroll please...!)



before you retreat to yet another Netflix binge

and start feeling pissy,

change up the energy

get into a lighter spirit.


Now, who are they?

I'll show you mine.

They all have one thing in common.

Pure, unbridled sensuality...

1. Anita Pallenberg

classic anita.

classic anita.

Anita could make a piano shawl into the sexiest thing ever. image by the beautiful michael cooper (rip.)

Anita could make a piano shawl into the sexiest thing ever. image by the beautiful michael cooper (rip.)

Actress, model, and muse, Anita strutted her oft-imitated, but never rivaled sense of style throughout 1960's Europe, inspiring artists, designers and rock stars everywhere she went, setting the standard around the world for Boho chic which still prevails...everywhere.  Though she could rock wide-leg velvet trousers better than anyone on the planet, classic Anita, to me, is all tunic minidress, bare legs, brimmed hats, draped scarves, and furry coats. (I'm sure back in the day they were real, but we'll forgive. It was ages ago.) Add that to her Witchy Woman status, and the fact that to this day people are still trying to imitate her (hellooo Kate Moss, Sienna Miller, Nicole Richie, anyone who ever went to Coachella, etc.,) she's my most beloved. Vixen Fact: I named my first black cat after her.

2. Uschi Obermaier

feral, come-hither  uschi.

feral, come-hither  uschi.

Though not many know of her, the "Bavarian Bombshell" was no slouch in the trend-setting department either. Uschi was a model, political activist, and (somewhat reluctant) actress, turning down a lucrative 10-film contract with Carlo Ponti, which would have secured her place as an international movie star, because...she wanted to travel the world with her boyfriend. Signing on the dotted line simply would have cramped her considerable style, and this one could not be tamed. Uschi favored nomadic tribal jewelry, saris, sexy boots, and plenty of bare flesh. I adore her.

3. Brigitte Bardot

can i please have that dress?

can i please have that dress?

Last, but never, ever least...who doesn't love Bébe? Don't we all just swoon over her early looks: nippped-waist-full-skirted numbers, the gingham, the sleek pencil dresses? And then there are the Paco Rabanne minis, the adorable coats, the Gainsbourg-era thigh-high boots...

Of all her gorgeous looks, the one above defines Brigitte at her core: unabashedly feminine, with a wild side. Eyelet layers and slept-on hair. Artfully smudged eyeliner with a ballerina's easy grace.

I just love these ladies. I really do. I want to, right now, fly to the south of France and fight for animal rights alongside BB, make jewelry in Topanga Canyon with Uschi, and hop across the pond so Anita can show me around her closet, and we can laugh about modern fashion (or lack thereof) together.

Who inspires your style?

Tell me.

I've got nowhere to go.

'Cause it's snowing.


xxx Alise

Alise In Wonderland

The Minx's Stole

I am so over Winter. Already.

It’s been snowing endlessly. And yes, it’s pretty. 

But it’s cold. Really cold.

Mick understands.

Mick understands.

It’s only mid-January, but already I am restless. My winter womp-womp has set in. Don't misunderstand...lazy, snowy days are poetic. Breathtakingly so. I love a good curl-up as much as the next cat. A delicious book, a steamy cup of something...warm bodies entwined, watching the white-tipped trees through the bedroom’s all too beautiful (cue The Small Faces)...for the first two months.

But then the wanderlust creeps in. And with it the realization that it’s too cold to wander, hits like a snowball in the face.

Let's shake this OFF. Let’s do a fun project together.

I call it,

How To Make An Easy, Yet Outrageously Glam Scarf In Less Time Than It Takes To Complain About Winter

Ready? Here’s what we’ll need:

  • Faux fur fabric scraps, (you can buy 1/8 yd of fabric in most shops,) or re-purpose old coats, collars, even sofa throws. I just picked up a discounted furry throw for $15 that I can easily get two pillows and a scarf out of it.
  • large sewing needle 
  • thread    
  • Giant snaps 

Step 1: Trim the piece to size, trim any jagged edges (yes it will shed!)  You want it to be reasonably neat, because we aren’t going to sew a hem (I told you this would be simple!)

Step 2: Wrap the fabric around your neck, check it in the mirror to see how you would like it to lay, and mark with a pin where you want it to close so it fits perfectly. (approx. 3-4” from opposite edge of fabric.)


Step 3:  Take one end, gather the corner in toward the middle, then do the same with the opposite corner, creating a triangle.


Step 4: Sew a few “stay stitches” to tack the fabric you just rolled, it will keep it in place.


Step 5:  Sew a giant snap at the point of the triangle, then sew the other snap half onto the fabric where you marked it with a pin. Here’s a tip: all snaps have a male half and a female half. You can figure it out...

**Make sure you are sewing the snaps on the right side-a good way to cheat it is to keep the snap snapped when you are placing the second one down, then when you know you have it, unsnap and sew.


Put it on, snap it closed, tuck the stray ends under and you’re good to go.

Et voila!

Gorgeously glam, super-warm, cruelty-free. 

How sexy is that?

Of course...if you can get fancy and adorn your stole at the closure with a vintage brooch, a flower pin, or sew on a trinket to personalize it. I kinda got carried away. I made four. One in brown, white, red, and this large, wolfish, grey-tipped one. And you know what? I've had so much fun, my grump-ass mood has vanished completely. 


Meeeooowww. And some howling.

xxx Alise