Indulge in a few succulent smoothies and beauty bites I've written for others!


Winter Green  -  for glowing, revitalized skin

Rosemary Citrus - anti-inflammatory

Plumberry Bliss - ageless skin

Cranberry Chia - clear skin

Pomegranate Pear - hydration, anti-aging

Date Nut Orange - nourishing, radiance

Harvest Spiced Apple - clear pores

Orange Creamsicle - anti-aging

Nutmeg Cherry - anti-aging, clear pores

White Grape Nectarine - clarifying, age-defying

Agua Fresca - hydration

Matcha Mint - sun protection, soothing

Summer Paradise - firming, collagen-boosting

Power Protein - energy, radiance

Beauty Water - add-in boosters

Lavender Lemonberry - clarifying, brightening

Banana Cashew Créme - softening, hydrating

Mocha Latté -  smoothing, moisturizing

Mango Beet -  anti-aging, hydration

Blueberry Sage - revitalizing

Papaya Citrus - detoxifying, radiance


Walnut Pumpkin Overnight Oats 

Berry Bright Smoothie Bowl

Tamari Lime Almonds

Curried Pumpkin White Bean Spread

Key Lime Chia Parfait

Black Bean Sweet Potato Hummus

Raw Wraps with Lemon Tahini Dressing

Chia Flax Beauty Bowl

Almond Shortbread

Raw Morning Glory Bars